Client Service Comitment

Client Service

In order to create a pleasurable mortgage experience, I focus on three main areas during the transaction.

Customer Service: The basis of great customer service is availability. I update my mobile phone voice mail every morning. If you receive my voicemail, you will know if I am in the office, and will have an idea of his schedule and know when I will return calls.

Pre-approvals: In our first conversation we will go into great detail regarding your overall financial profile. During this conversation, I will try to discover your strengths and any potential challenges on the transaction. Knowing the challenges up front allows me to address them upfront and try to prevent possible problems so they will not “pop up” during the escrow period.

Updates: I will send you updates on the status of the transaction each Friday during the escrow period. The updates increase in frequency during the last week of the transaction (after docs are signed) this is not to bombard you with updates but this is a critical time during the escrow period. Many people are involved and timelines are critical, communication helps keep the file moving forward.  His goal with the updates is to keep you informed so you are never left wondering what is happening.